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Balance Ball Chairs 

Balance Ball Chairs are being used in many classrooms across the globe. I've read glowing reviews from teachers including their calming nature for all students. Let's not just look at balance ball chairs as a solution for hyperactivity, hey we all need to get our wiggles out! I personally use a Balance Ball Chair while sitting at my sit/stand adjustable desk.

Sitting was never so much fun! Kid-sized inflatable balls with built-in no-roll stabilizing legs encourages healthy posture while keeping the body active and the mind engaged. Look for a variety of sizes as you use an easy inflation pump to it up. 

Here is a Balance Ball Chair for kids and there is also a model for older students and adults (see below). Studies show that as children constantly move their body to maintain their balance on this moving seat, they are able to focus more easily. 

Larger Balance Ball Chair
  • Ergonomic back support and spinal alignment
  • Strengthens your core as you sit
  • With anti-burst, Balance Ball
  • Easy one-tool assembly
  • Stable, yet lightweight base is made from molded PVC
  • Designed for heights of 5’-5’11" and weights up to 300 lbs.
  • Desktop workout guide provides an effective low-impact workout and stretching routine
  • Rolling, lockable caster wheels
  • Measurements: 22"W x 31"H x 22"D; 13 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Not to mention, Doug's personal task chair used while sitting at his adjustable sit/stand desk.

Note- This is only a public introduction page. I have specific manufacturer/vendor products, services and pricing to share with my clients and their associates to meet district, school and/or individual learning space needs.

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